About Us

Founded in 1999, Carbon is a specialist executive search firm focused on hiring high calibre senior leaders. Operating from our London head office, we recruit Board Directors, CEOs and their direct reports, including business and functional heads for a diverse range of clients.

Carbon puts clients first, judging success by the longevity and effectiveness of each placement.  Compact in size and serving only a select number of organisations, we build strong and enduring partnerships, which enable us to deliver a high quality executive search experience.  Humility, intelligence and ambition are the hallmark characteristics of a team whose backgrounds comprise a variety of professional and international experience.

Executive Search

Carbon applies a rigorous and robust search process. This involves both Carbon and our client investing significant time at the outset of every assignment to ensure that the role, reporting lines and the cultural aspects of the firm are fully understood by both parties such that these can be clearly communicated to potential candidates.

The benefit of this analysis, combined with extensive market research of each candidate, is that our clients need only meet those three or four candidates who have the skills and aptitude required for the role and the interest in pursuing it. This will allow our client to focus on the key aspect of "fit" and shorten their involvement in the process to the effective minimum.

Additionally, Carbon undertakes comprehensive referencing to understand strengths, weaknesses and motivations, thus ensuring there is a better chance that the successful candidate will both remain and prosper with the firm to the benefit of the overall client organisation.

Post appointment, both client and the newly appointed candidate benefit from the continuing involvement of Carbon in the relationship between them. In this period, when the new appointee is becoming embedded in the organisation, Carbon will provide objective advice and counsel to each, which will speed the transition to the benefit of all.

Market Advisory

Our bespoke studies provide a detailed picture of the executives and leaders within the market, in a discrete and informative way. These short exercises, usually taking around four weeks, can either be undertaken as a standalone assignment, or can provide the foundation for a progression into a full search.

The benefit of a Carbon study is that you can clearly assess the talent that exists. This could be within new markets, allowing you to benchmark internal

talent, understand the competitor landscape, assess the diversity within talent pools, and analyse compensation.

Our reports are confidential, comprehensive and validated, providing a depth of content not comparable with information available publicly. This rigorous approach ensures that your organisation is best placed to understand the talent landscape.


Building a 360 ̊ overview of a candidate through detailed referencing brings a significant level of objectivity to the hiring process. The type of questioning we use is designed to draw out how a candidate operates, where their professional spike is greatest and their approach to the management and leadership of others. Whilst referencing is a standard feature of our executive search process we also provide the service as a standalone product.

Our referencing product offers a bespoke set of references specific to our client’s needs, ensuring all measures are taken to enable successful,

high-impact hires. Our reports provides rigorous and in-depth references of your nominated individual which can reveal insights that are not always brought to light during the initial interview process. The track record will be closely examined and validated in order to support the decision-making process.

Carbon speaks formally with nominated referees, as well utilising our extensive network to gain insight from customers, historic managers, peers and direct reports. We will also seek insight from colleagues and associates in any advisory or charity work undertaken by the individual.